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Exclusive Ballroom, Latin, Social, Wedding, Ballet & Fitness private dance lessons for students of any age and ability from professional dancers in the Richmond, Virginia area - MaiTy Dance

dance fitness & well-being

ballroom conditioning

The MaiTy Dance Ballroom Conditioning dance fitness class will give you the poise and grace of a professional ballroom and ballet dancer alongside a professional dance workout. As you gain flexibility and strength, you’ll discover increased muscle tone, improved posture and beautiful physical elegance.

ballet conditioning

Our Ballet Conditioning classes are designed to prepare talented ballet dancers for the world of professional, competitive dance. Kids, teens and young adults improve and develop their strength, flexibility and technique through private lessons, tailored to the individual dancer’s skill, which hone their ability and push their dancing to the next level.


Our Sit & Be Fit classes are physical therapy for less active individuals and improve everything, from memory to motor skills and simply boosting overall well-being. The classes aim to gently raise your heart rate and get your muscles working, from which you’ll feel your joints relaxing, fitness increasing and enjoy a sense of full-body revitalisation.

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