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Exclusive Ballroom, Latin, Social, Wedding, Ballet & Fitness private dance lessons for students of any age and ability from professional dancers in the Richmond, Virginia area - MaiTy Dance

Mairi and Tommy Bettin dance feet


Our mission is to provide Metropolitan Richmond with the best custom dance lessons possible.  Guiding our students to their goals with honesty and integrity one student or couple at a time.


why dance?

Dancing isn’t just great fun; it has numerous health benefits from improving fitness to boosting mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that dancing regularly can be hugely influential in reducing stress, improving balance and strength, boosting cardiovascular health and even cutting the risk of dementia.

Dance lessons combine physical and mental activity; from the energetic movements to memorising steps, it works every muscle from your brain to your toes and leaves you feeling revitalised and full of energy - not to mention leaner, fitter and stronger.

Remember the way you danced as a child: full of optimism, without worry and embracing the freedom of now. By reattuning with your inner child through dance, you’ll find yourself achieving things you never thought possible, overcoming obstacles and accomplishing goals in all areas of your life.

Start discovering the energy of dance today; grab your partner or be bold and go it alone to truly invigorate your lifestyle and walk a new path of self-discovery and self-improvement. Discover the passion and romance of living as you grow in confidence and ability, explore a new experience and culture and enjoy your body as a tool for creating beauty all around you.

Kickstart your dance story and start enjoying the benefits of dance today with private lessons from MaiTy Dance.

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