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Exclusive Ballroom, Latin & Social Dance Studio in Richmond, Virginia

Exclusive Ballroom, Latin, Social, Wedding, Ballet & Fitness private dance lessons for students of any age and ability from professional dancers in the Richmond, Virginia area - MaiTy Dance

frequently asked questions

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How do we pay?
We accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards.

How long are the lessons? 
A single lesson is 40 minutes long, but it is not uncommon to schedule double lessons which are 85 minutes.

Can I learn any dance in my home?
Yes! You can learn any of our twenty dances (link to dances) with as little as 120 square feet. If you are looking to learn Quickstep or Viennese Waltz we recommend a little more space.

How many lessons do I need before I'm good?
Like all precious things in life dance takes practice. Twenty lessons a year is not the same as twenty lessons a month. It's all based on consistency and your own personal dance goals. 

Can I have a drink during my lesson?
Yeah! This lesson is for you! If you feel having a drink during your private  dance lesson will help you relax and enjoy it more by all means enjoy!

What do I wear?
Whatever gets you in the mood to get down :)

What shoes do I wear? 
Wear whatever shoes make you feel comfortable. During the consultation we can sit down with you and show you some options we recommend and if you find a pair that suits you we can order them with you right there.

What hours are you available?
3pm-10pm and mornings based on availability

Is the price the same for singles and couples? 
Yes, if you would like to take lessons and provide your own partner that is totally fine and no extra charge. If you would like to take by yourself we welcome that as well!

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