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Thank you Tommy and Mairi.  After years of marriage (working together and raising our children) you have rekindled fun and romance that my wife and I felt dancing together when we first met.   

It was her birthday and (as usual) I had no idea what to get her. Then (out of the blue) she actually told me what she wanted.  It wasn’t a bracelet, not a ring or a necklace…. she wanted dance lessons.  My first thought was are you sure you don’t want a necklace?  To be honest, I was a little intimidated by the thought of dance lessons.  However, after meeting with you guys and discussing our thoughts on what perfect dance experience would be for us, and you guys developed a custom dance plan just for us, I was actually getting comfortable with the idea and looking forward to getting started.  

Now my wife and I have scheduled time together each week.  Time just for us that we spend dancing.  The dance plan you designed for us is perfect (salsa, meringue, the hustle and night club two step) and has been fun from the start.  You guys are great dance teachers and your knowledge, constant encouragement and lead by example method of training is just what we needed.  Our dancing is getting better, more fun and more romantic with every lesson.    

We look forward all week to our “dance get aways”.  No work, no kids, no phones, no TV, and no computers.  It’s time just for us.  

Thank you again and we’ll see you next week.
-Clyde B.

For starters, working with Tommy and Mairi is refreshing, challenging, and fun!! I have total confidence in them, as they always make me feel I am their number one priority. Essentially, I know I am safe in their hands. The experience is incredibly inspiring, not only because of their talent and passion, but because I am part of a team.  Although they are such amazing dancers, they are equally generous in sharing their knowledge and making  dancing an attainable skill.  They not only have true love and respect for the art of dance, but also for the happiness and well-being of their students.  I honestly could never say enough good things about them, and how special working with them is to me.  Being their student is a privilege, and I feel very lucky to have met them.
-Daria P.

The kids are grown; and I feel wonderful with my career… now it’s time to do something FUN that’s for me!! A few years ago when I turned 60 years old I reflected on all the amazing parts of my life, but also what I still was yearning for. I’ve always wanted to feel more active, playful, fun-loving and even a little sexier. When you’re very busy with family and work, those parts can get a bit neglected :) 

I’m so grateful to have Tommy and Mairi in my life. They’ve been so  patient with me as I’ve stumbled through learning even the very basics of dance. Although I’ve always loved to move on the dance floor at parties, I never took any dance lessons. On so many levels, taking these dance lessons was a first.

Tommy and Mairi can be gentle and encouraging, but they also challenge me to push myself, most especially when my expectations of my learning curve are out of whack! We started out with ballroom, latin and social dances- waltz, foxtrot, tango, rumba, cha cha, and east coast swing. I was scared to start with so many dances, but I trusted Tommy and Mairi to teach me in a way I would learn best. Through their guidance, I learned to take my time, trust myself, and have FUN with the process. I have never regretted that decision!

Now it’s almost a year later and my husband has joined me. We wanted to have some FUN together. Even though I’d been taking lessons for almost a year before my husband started, Tommy and Mairi created the best package for our couple time. We’re learning more social dances together- merenge, cuban salsa, hustle, and nightclub two-step- and we’re having a ball!!! Tommy and Mairi are always prepared for our weekly lessons and have a very light-hearted manner of teaching that keeps us smiling but also learning at our optimal pace. My husband and I touch each other, look into each other’s eyes, laugh at ourselves and each other and DANCE TOGETHER! It’s amazing…. and it happened so quickly. We had a great time right off the bat and have looked forward to our lessons every week. When our lesson is over we go get a bite to eat and extend our date. Having this time set aside every week feels absolutely great. We find ourselves trying out our dance steps at home and smiling and having fun … all an extension of our MaiTy experience. 

Taking dance lessons with MaiTy Dance has given me more than I ever hoped for. Thank you Tommy and Mairi… I’m looking forward to more and more!!!!
-Miranda B.

We are so very fortunate to have Mairi and Tommy as our instructors.  Mairi is our dance instructor.  We are better dancers; she helps refine our technique (such as it is), and gives us a greater appreciation of dancing.. and she is just so darned fun to be around.   We are also participants in dance fitness classes that Mairi and Tommy lead.  It is amazing how much the exercises they teach improve our dancing. We love (hate) every minute of it!  
-Dean & Shirley H.

Thank you Tommy and Mairi for giving me the best gift ever... dancing with my husband!

We have always had fun on the dance floor at weddings or celebrations doing "our own thing" together BUT we have never been able to really dance together.
Now, we can do the merengue, the hustle and my favorite, the night club two step. What a sweet slow dance!
Thank you for making us not feel self conscious, for your comfortable teaching style, for all your skill and knowledge and for making it fun.

-Peggy & Kevin H.

As someone who was originally trained in a very vibrant (yet extremely competitive!) ballroom scene in the DC area, after I moved to RVA I was looking for a studio that can help me improve my dance technique without sacrificing having fun in the process.

Mairi and Tommy of MaiTy Dance was the perfect solution.

This powerhouse dance couple had me singing their praises from the start. From their amazingly polished website, to our productive (yet relaxed!) first consult to establish my personal dance goals and expectations, to the thoughtful welcome card (complete with unique branding!) that I received in the mail, MaiTy's amazing attention to detail, impressive professionalism, and raw talent are the perfect combination for the type of dance studio that can take the RVA dance community to the next level.

Most importantly, for me personally, I appreciated that MaiTy's teaching style is efficient but encouraging. Even though I had been dancing for a few years, I liked how they pushed me to work hard (to limits I didn't even know I had in me TBH) in order to grow into a more refined, expressive dancer. Their faith in my potential and their support made such a huge difference.

It is because of all of this that I can honestly say that I owe my renewed confidence on the dance floor to MaiTy Dance, and I can't be thankful enough.

-Rowena B.

My future husband, Chris, and I wanted something fun to do together during our engagement. We decided to try dance lessons, even though neither of us have ever danced before. Starting out, we weren't really sure what to expect, and were both quite nervous.

Tommy & Mairi have been absolutely wonderful throughout our dance lessons. They listened to our concerns and choreographed a first dance that was comfortable for us. They are great teachers, and have been nothing but positive and encouraging to us, even when we'd repeatedly get the steps wrong! Chris and I could not be happier with our MaiTy Dance experience.

Also, if you like dogs, they have a really sweet one!

-Shelby T. & Chris G.

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