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Exclusive Ballroom, Latin, Social, Wedding, Ballet & Fitness private dance lessons for students of any age and ability from professional dancers in the Richmond, Virginia area - MaiTy Dance


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Learning to dance at MaiTy Dance is much more than simply lessons; all dance classes are designed around the student for the best possible results. Below you’ll find the first steps you take on your dance journey with MaiTy Dance.
Step 1: Book your Orientation
The first thing to do is give us a ring at (804) 476-8297, or fill out the form below, and arrange your Complimentary Orientation.
Step 2: Complimentary Orientation
The Orientation is how MaiTy Dance gets to know you, where we assess your goals and create a custom program that fits you perfectly.  Questions will include asking about your previous dance experience, establishing exactly what you want to achieve from the dance classes and finding out your favourite music.
Step 3: Time to Dance!
You can’t have an Orientation without getting those feet moving! Then, based on your answers in the consultation, it’s time to schedule your lessons and start planning your personalised dance lessons.
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